Bob Berens

I am the owner of Waterfowl Junkie Outdoors and most known as the inventor of the Bird Hitch. I have been an avid waterfowler for over 35 years and if I`m not hunting I'm preparing to go hunting. Watching birds work a great decoy spread is what keeps me up at night and wanting more. I spend countless hours scouting and studying the birds to better understand what it takes to make memorable hunts for you.

Garrett Holland

Hi my name is Garrett Holland. Growing up the the Mississippi delta has not only given me a southern accent, but also a passion for waterfowl hunting. Duck hunting was a way of life, until snow geese got my interest years ago. Spring snow goose hunting is a experience that you will never forget. Being able to see thousands of snow geese work a decoy spread an ending up in your boot bags, or just having random conversations in the blind is what keeps me going everyday. I strive to make sure I can do everything I can for you to have a memorable an amazing hunt! Come join me and have a hunting experience like no other!


Mike is a seasoned Black Lab that grew up Hunting in the prairie pothole region in SD specializing in Spring Snow Goose retrieving. He is a pioneer in the development of the New Switchback Dog Blind where he likes to hang out. He has also starred in the hit series "Dancing With Ducks" and "Little Ducks on the prairie". Mike puts a lot of hard work in making sure you have a fun relaxing hunt without the hassle of running down geese all day.