Monday - Thursday

  • $175 / Day

Friday - Sunday

  • $200 / Day

Private Field: Monday - Thursday

  • $1295 / Day
  • Up to 8 hunters included

Private Field: Friday - Sunday

  • $1495 / Day
  • Up to to 8 hunters included

South Dakota

Monday - Sunday

  • $150 / Day

Private Field: Monday - Sunday

  • $1200 / Day
  • Up to to 8 hunters included

Additional Info

  • All deposits are non-refundable
  • If we need to move to stay on the geese you must move with us there are no set locations. We will do our best to let you know where we will be but if the migration moves we will also be moving. The only way you will get your deposit back is if we outright cancel the hunt.
  • Prices don't include lodging, license, or gratuity
  • All SD hunts are subject to a 6% sales tax
  • Pricing is subject to change at any time

Hunting Packages - 2018 Dates


  • All that is required is a Valid Hunting License from any State

South Dakota

  • $45.00 Adult License
  • $25.00 Youth License
  • Order your license online at South Dakota Game & Fish


Lodging is at local motels. We try to hunt within 20-30 minutes from the hotel. We will provide you with the local hotel numbers a 7-10 days prior to your hunt.


We recommend you bring clothes for cold wet conditions: knee boots, waterproof pants. Color of your clothing is not relevant since you are in a blind. Be warm and comfortable. We recommend no less than 7 boxes of shells for each day you hunt. BB-2 Shot is recommended.


"Just wanted to drop a quick line. I was part of a party of three guys from Wisconsin that came down to Richmond, MO last week for a snow goose hunt. We hunted all day Thursday and Friday. Even though the weather was not the kindest we had an awesome time. Since this was our first snow goose hunt I don’t think we were REALLY knowing what to expect as far as how these birds work and decoy. Not used to seeing that kind of numbers of birds in Wisconsin. Our guide Al, was great to hunt with. Knowledgeable, hardworking, and easy going."

- Anthony Matalik, Franklin WI

"During the past 30 years, I have hunted with a lot of outfitters, but Bob Berens is in an elite class all by himself. Bob’s waterfowl IQ is off the charts, he’s a tireless scouter and is very meticulous with his decoy spreads. He has top of the line equipment and keeps you very comfortable during the hunt. It is for these reasons why I am a big fan of Bob, aka the 'waterfowl junkie'."

- Jay Cavanaugh, Eden Prairie MN

"I just want to say thanks for a great hunt. Cody won't stop talking about it and he really had a great time. Not only was the hunting fantastic, the extra effort of moving the spread in the middle of the night after hunting all day was very appreciated and I think it was the right move. Just seeing that many geese was well worth the drive. Thanks again and hope to see you next year.."

- Jim Plantz, Chicago IL

"We are booked again for the 7th and 8th of feb. We went with Bob last year and was not disappointed. Guys(and ladies) if you are thinking about a goose hunt Bob runs a stand up outfit and does everything in his power to put you on birds. We killed a lot of birds last year. Enough that I booked this years hunt in July. We saw approximately 300,000-400,000 geese last year. Again if you are even thinking about going on a hunt please give Bob a shot. You won't be disappointed. See you in a couple of weeks Bob!!!!"

- Matt Sawyer

Meat Wagon Featured!

New for 2017, the Meat Wagon is a 21' pit on wheels that drops down like a fish house. It's so big it looks like it looks natural and hunts 7 hunters comfortably but with the option to add addtional 8 ft if necessary. Depending on what guide you have you may or may not be hunting out of it but if you absolutely have to hunt out of it you can reserve it for $150 extra per day.

Meat Wagon 1
Meat Wagon 3